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Pocket Routes
The Best British Walks in Your Pocket
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Pocket Routes
The Best British Walks in Your Pocket
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Pocket Routes
The Best British Walks in Your Pocket
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Due to local lockdown restrictions, travelling to the Post Office to arrange delivery of orders to overseas countries is very difficult. As such, for the foreseeable future, we are sorry to announce that only digital products are for sale outside the UK. All UK orders will continue to be sent as they do not require a visit to the Post Office.

It's All About the Detail

Our guides are designed to make your journey as pleasurable as possible and that means leaving nothing to chance! Each guide book is rigorously researched and that detail permeates each page, whether it’s the facilities available in each village, or who built and occupied that ruined castle, right down to the type of stile that’s coming up!

Planning Guide

All our books come with a detailed planning section, including an itinerary planner, public transport and accommodation guide, advice for beginners and so much more!

Route Notes

Our route notes are incredibly detailed and provide step by step guidance along the route. Every gate, every stile and every change of direction is provided, making navigation simple.

Route Maps

Our guides all include a detailed set of strip maps, with the route highlighted. Maps are provided in a PDF format so they can be printed full size and carried in a weather-proof map case.

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You can get more details on our walks, including answers to frequently asked questions, an interactive map, GPS downloads, useful links and a photo gallery by clicking on the icons below.

The Herriot Way

Yorkshire Dales

A 4-day, 52-mile circular walk around areas of the northern Yorkshire Dales made famous by James Herriot, from the popular TV series.

The Tributaries Walk

Yorkshire Dales

An 8-day, 93-mile circular walk, starting in Settle and discovering the finest rivers, valleys and high paths in the Yorkshire Dales.

Swale Way walk logo

The Swale Way


A 6-day, 80-mile walk beside the River Swale from its end near Boroughbridge, to its source in Swaledale. The first in a series of three river walks.

Yoredale Way walk logo

The Yoredale Way


A 6-day, 73-mile walk following the River Ure, from its source, through Wensleydale to Boroughbridge, near its end. The second of three riverside walks.

Eden Way walk logo

The Eden Way


A 6-day, 88-mile walk following the River Eden from the Solway to its source, high in the fells of the Yorkshire Dales. The final book in the Rivers Trilogy.

westmorland way logo

The Westmorland Way

Lost Counties #1

A 7-day, 91-mile walk exploring the lost English county of Westmorland, running through the Lake District from Appleby to Arnside. Coming soon!

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