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The Rivers Trilogy Bundle

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Printed Guide 3-Book Omnibus

Includes 2nd edition guides to each of the 6-day, 88-mile Eden Way, the 6-day, 73-mile Yoredale Way and the 6-day, 80 mile Swale Way

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This is a Rivers Trilogy guide book bundle. This item includes a printed copy of each of the three walks that make up the Rivers Trilogy – the Swale Way, the Yoredale Way and the Eden Way. Buying them together saves you 10% when compared to buying them individually.

The books each have around 130 pages, each one weighs approx. 120g and they are all 18cm high by 11cm wide, perfect for fitting into a jacket pocket, or the side pocket of a pair of trousers.

The books contain all the information needed to plan and walk all three of the routes, each one includes its own village guide, route maps and route descriptions. Each guide book includes a full set of maps in PDF format, so they can be reproduced in full size for easier reading on the path, or viewing on a mobile device. Please add the eMaps to your basket prior to checkout!

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Weight 0.3 kg

each approx 126 pages


18cm high x 11cm wide


Approx. 120g


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