Pocket Routes

UK Delivery & Postage

We’ve been writing and publishing walking guide books since 2008. From the outset we’ve tried to make the process of buying our guides as simple as possible. This has meant our guide books have never increased in price and have always been sold in ’round pounds’ (e.g. £10) rather than the more tradition ‘penny off the pound’ pricing (e.g. £9.99).

Part of that commitment to simplicity has been to offer free, First Class postage on all orders! Our guides are typically posted on the same day they are ordered and, subject to the occasional vagaries of the postal system, arrive the next postal delivery day.

When we posted our first orders, back in 2008, the cost of sending a book to a customer was 78p, as of October 2023 that cost has risen to £2.40. As much as we’ve tried to delay adding complexity to the ordering process and having to charge for postage, the time has come to do just that.

It is with great reluctance, therefore, that orders of less than £30 will now incur a postage cost of £1. Although this doesn’t cover the full cost of posting a book, it does bring us a little closer to the position we adopted in 2008.

We hope you understand this change in policy and we apologise for having to add to the cost of your books.

Overseas Delivery

The cost of shipping books outside the UK has also increased significantly, and has reached the point where a huge percentage of the overall price of the book is made up of postage fees.

We have made the decision to no longer ship orders placed through this website to addresses outside the UK. The address checker on the checkout page will only allow orders with UK postcodes to be placed.

However, in order to continue providing guide books to the many overseas walkers who enjoy our routes, you can buy all our publications from your local Amazon store. Simply search for the route name, and purchase through Amazon. They will fulfil the order locally, helping to reduce the cost to you.