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Printed Guide 1st Edition


The guide book has 132 pages, weighs approx. 120g and is 18cm high and 11cm wide, perfect for fitting into a jacket pocket, or the side pocket of a pair of trousers. It contains all the information needed to plan and walk the route, and each printed guide will be accompanied by a full set of maps in PDF format, so they can be reproduced in full size for easier reading on the path.

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Weight 0.1 kg



18cm high x 11cm wide


Approx. 120g

1 review for Yoredale Way Paperback

  1. Michael Fletcher (verified owner)

    I walked The Yoredale way twenty six years ago with relevant O.S.maps and the original guide book by J.K.E. Piggin, the route at that time from York to Kirkby Stevens. In recent times I have wanted to replicate The Way but felt that the guide book of the time may not by now be relevant, paths changed etc and I couldn’t find a means to dispel my doubts until all of a sudden on the internet a new guide book appeared, excitement doesn’t start to describe my feelings.I walked The Yoredale Way with my wife last June and was not disappointed. The guide book was all I needed, lightweight, small enough to fit in a pocket, daily walking details,where to stay , transport, walking advice plus separate concise maps of the whole route.Thank you Stuart , oh and by the way I am about to purchase your Swale Way guide. Regards Mike Fletcher
    an informative essential , a good size,fits perfectly into a pocket, little weight this guide is everything you need to walk The Yoredale Way.

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