This page contains downloads that walkers may find useful when planning their walk.

It is recommended that you right click the file icon and select “Save As…” (or whatever equivalent your particular browser uses), to save the download to a file on your local machine. Simply left clicking the file icon may open the file directly.



 Additional Resources for GPS owners:

Here are a couple of useful tools for GPS owners. These may help manipulate the files above into something more specific for your requirements. These are provided without any sort of support

Waypoint Workbench
 is a great Microsoft Excel-based tool for converting waypoints between several different mapping formats, including Ordnance Survey Grid Reference, Memory Map, Anquet and Latitude/Longitude.

GPS Babel
 is the ultimate GPS file manipulation tool. The current list of supported formats runs into dozens and maybe even the hundreds. If you can’t find the format you need here then stop looking!