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This page has had a holding message on it for a while now, but thankfully things are changing! As we have a route out of lockdown, we’ve been able to start making plans again. Plans rarely survive intact once they encounter a problem, of course, but they are essential.

The next Pocket Routes project will be a new series of guidebooks for walks that cross the Yorkshire Dales National Park in different directions. Entitled the ‘Cross-Dales Trails’ they will seek to find the best routes between two points on either side of the park; perhaps north to south, or east to west.

At this point there are plans for five routes and if they are successful then there may be more to follow. Click any of the icons below to see the latest information on this series of walks.

Got an idea for a walk?

If you know of a walk that’s crying out for a new guide book, please let us know and we’ll add it to the list of new routes we’re looking at.

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  1. Great that you are up revising and producing these guide books again. Over the years we have walked most of the route you are in the process of re writing and they are all superb routes. Keep up the good work. Many thanks Roy Lincoln

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