Tributaries Walk

The Tributaries Walk is a 93-mile (150 km), eight day, circular walk focused on the rivers, streams and becks that flow through the valleys of the Yorkshire Dales. Beginning in Settle, the trail explores beautiful valleys and the high heather-clad moors that separate them. Visiting as many ‘dales’ as possible, the route meanders; picking out waterfalls, hidden caves, rocky escarpments and old pack-horse bridges. The guide book encourages interaction and includes a quiz to help walkers get the most out of their visit.

The route visits fifteen different ‘dales’ and each one has one or more rivers or streams running through it. Crossing between dales takes you over some wonderful high moorland and mountain terrain, past remote tarns and the trail visits some of the most picturesque villages anywhere in the country. The diversity of scenery and terrain makes this path a firm favourite with everyone who has walked it.

The book itself is a 150-page guide that has everything a walker could need to plan, prepare and walk the eight day route through Yorkshire’s limestone country.

Detailed walking instructions take you step by step through the route, ensuring you can navigate with ease and confidence.

A comprehensive town and village guide provides information about the facilities, services and amenities in each of the settlements the route passes through, including public transport links to get to and from the start.

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